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 Intelligence Development

Specifications: 57 * 23 * 44.5

Material: paper

Packing: color box 1.

No need of paint and brush, different painting experience 2.Brain DIY, creative scratch and play.

MY Experience: In this Stage of TECHNOLOGY World , these kind of toys are seem to be out dated and no one could remembered. As Now, in children's World , they only knows hitech stuff eg. handphone. Watching cartoon, Listen music and other all through phone. Phone becomes the main part of their life. In other hand, relationship between parents and Kids often drift apart too. Both are busy Doing their own stuff, interaction between each other are gotten few too. This might be sad... Can you imagine when you old, you sit down with your children remembering back then what you guys have done together and you cant remember a thing that you think is a good memorable.


- Content - Drawing Scratch Card x 6

- Empty Drawing Scratch Card x 9 - Bamboo Pen X 1

- New Creative Drawing Method

- Multifunction Scratch Drawing Pen

- Black Natural Coating Drawing Paper

- Drawing Card Size : 20 cm * 20 cm

Mideer Magic Color Scratch Art Paper magic draw Coloring Cards

SKU: akmideer006
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